Veil (Full Video) by Zach Sayles


Zach Sayles treats us to his incredible full length video ‘VEIL’ featuring of plenty of your faves. Be sure to watch this one as Zach has put this one together sterlingly!

Featuring: Matt Militano, Sean Spellissy, Nico Trevizo, Kris Arnold, Carson Ruether, Joel Miller, Steve Berg, Devon Connell, Neil Herrick, and Anatoly Bitny. With special guests: Quel Haddox, Walt Wolfe, Zack Peacock, and Dylan Pearce.

Read Matt Militano and Neil Herrick’s shared interview shot during the filming of this video here and get hold of a physical copy of ‘VEIL’ right here.


Filmed + Edited by: Zach Sayles