Vans ‘Much Quiet’


It’s here to be appreciated on your screens in all it’s glory. Vans have just released this belter new video hosted by our pals at Red Dot Lifestyle Magazine.

Featuring Danny Brady, Rory Milanes, Oscar Candon, Val Bauer, Helena Long, Sam Sitayeb, Dustin Dollin, William Moneris, Nico Gisonno, Sam Partaix, Quentin Boillon, Lilian Fev, Alix Malnati, Alexey Krasniy, Jeanne Duval, Daryl Dominguez, Tom Delion, Conor Charleson, Chris Oliver, Jake Church, Curtis Pearl, Marca Barbier and Joseph Biais.

Filmed by Sirus F Gahan, Elliot Bonnabel, Austin Bristow, James Cruickshank, Thomas Vigoureux, Romain Batard and Curtis O’Dell.

Edited by Sirus F Gahan