Vans AVE Pro – Reimagined by Beatrice Domond


The ever rad Beatrice Domond helps to reimagine the Vans AVE Pro with some dope photos shot by Jonathan Mehring.


“Growing up the only girl skater in small town Florida, Beatrice honed her skills watching ‘90s VHS tapes. Her progressive influence in skateboarding, combined with her unique style —which feels equal parts modern and throwback—have received accolades from the skate and fashion community alike. She brings these proclivities to her latest collaboration with Vans: a fresh take on the AVE Pro.”

Beatrice Domond: “Getting to do a colorway on the Ave Pro is pretty unreal. I mean, it’s the most flattering compliment one can receive,” Beatrice said. “Anthony is a man of few words and high standards. He doesn’t really settle, and it shows throughout his skating and in everything else he does. So, for him to want to do something with both our names on it is a lot of respect.”