Vague Issue 37 – Out Now!


Shin Sanbongi boosts a hefty frontside wallride for the cover of Vague Issue 37, expertly captured by Changsu with surrounding artwork by the ever talented Hirotton.

Alongside an interview with Hirotton we cover cowboy outfits with Hugo Corbin; follow the Volcom team around the UK and the Australian Cons team on a trip to Adelaide; accompany half of Manchester to Athens to visit filmer Viktor Kretsis; talk pirate graveyards, seahorses and Venga Boys donk remixes with Heroin and Dungeon rider Charlie Gush; and chat with Melanin Skate Gals & Pals founder Marie-Ermelinda Mayassi about inclusivity in the skate scene.

Issue 37 hits shelves worldwide from 18th March 2024. Order a copy here today!

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Issue 37 Contents

Hugo Corbin Interview

Volcom ‘As You Are’ Article

Converse CONS In Adelaide

Melanin Skate Gals & Pals

Greek Mode

Hirotton Interview

Charlie Gush Interview

Art Gallery

Photo Gallery

It’s Not Where You’re From: Skate Shop Quotes by Dave Tyson

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