Vague Issue 29 – Out Now!


Kento Yoshioka takes issue 29’s cover with a beanplant to 5-0 grind shot expertly by Changsu with beautiful surrounding artwork by Eliza Thomas. If you can’t make our Issue 29 launch event, you can order Issue 29 here!

This will be shipping from 31st October. We offer
subscription deals with Issue 29 included in our 2022 deal, find the subscriptions on the shop homepage or here. We ship worldwide and free stickers come with all orders while stocks last!

Issue 29 Features:

Tightbooth – LENZ III Article

Eliza Thomas Art Interview

Matt Hensley Interview

Photo Gallery

Merryn Garner Interview

Art Gallery

Dr David Marsh Interview

It’s Not Where You’re From: Skatepark Quotes Vol. 3