Traffic Skateboards ‘Via’ (2006)


What do you know about real street skating? Don’t worry if you haven’t revised your mid 2000’s East coast skateboard knowledge as Theories of Atlantis have very kindly uploaded Traffic Skateboards‘ incredible full lengther ‘Via’ to the world wide web to make us all feel the stoke!

Too many good things to say about this video so stop reading this drivvle and click play for some really real realness, ya dig?

Ripping courtesy of Mark Wetzel, Ricky Oyola, Pat Stiener, Rich Adler, Henry Panza, Andy Bautista, Brannon John and Shaun Williams, so y’all know it’s going to be dope!

Filmed by Ry Manos & edited by Rich Adler & Ry Manos