Throwback Thursday – Palace Skateboards Promo


“This week we ‘av been mostly watching… Palace.” In fact we thought we would reward the Robin Hood’s of skateboarding with our prestige reward of being subject to our alliterated homage to the past (we’re obviously the only ones to do that and despite mass evidence against this statement, we don’t believe whoever accuses us not to, so there). Namely their OG promo featuring Charlie Young (love ‘im), Lucien Clarke and Olly Todd. Undeniably solid foundations to say the least!

Check the promo below before reading an interview with the Don Lev Tanju via our friends at Free Mag here and watching this for some jovial proof of their humble beginnings via the big time players at Ravenous Skateboards. Go ‘ed da box of!

Palace Skateboards Promo.