Throwback Thursday – Ether


This week’s throwback is one that is only just dipping it’s toes in the past as it’s only really a few months old, but the past is the past so there! In anticipation of ‘Gay Baker 3’ coming out (can’t wait for that one!) it would just be plain rude not to post ‘ether’ an incredible 20 minute video courtesy of Cooper Winterson and Stephen (Thailand) Ostrowski, who we both hold high in our admiration chambers!

The edit not only captures the incredible skateboarding from them both (alongside many a familiar face) in NYC but also showcases the LGBTQ skateboarding community in the marvellous city. We really can’t compliment this enough and apologies for not posting it sooner.

Much love! “No sexism, no racism, no homophobia, no xenophobia, love over fear!”

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Mainly filmed by Cooper Winterson, mainly edited by Stephen Ostrowski