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Welcome To Parade: Ishod Wair


Parade World welcome yet another powerful addition to the team in Ishod Wair.

Josh Kalis Parade Interview


Josh Kalis discusses the DC Lynx with Parade's Matt Broadley. Read on to see what this esteemed trash can violator and style icon has to say.

Aaron Herrington Interview – Parade


Aaron Herrington dicussing mental health with Parade World's Matt Broadley. Really rad and important.

The National Skateboard Co. Interview – Parade World


The Parade World folks interview the lovely people at The National Skateboard Co.

Parade – Nancy Interview


Parade World have released a new interview conducted by Casper Brooker who chats to his pal Sam Hughes about new London clothing brand: Nancy.

How To Become A Sponsored Skateboarder – Parade


Parade World's Matt Broadley talks to UK TM's Benny Fairfax (Adidas), Mark Baines (NB#) and Josh 'Manhead' Young (Vans) on their job roles and some vital info on how to get sponsored.

NB# 440 – Tom Knox + Jordan Trahan


The folks at Parade World had a word with Tom Knox and Jordan Trahan who shared their thoughts on the latest New Balance Numeric 440 shoe.

Nick Jensen – Isle Skateboards Parade Interview


Parade World speak to Nick Jensen go behind the scenes with Isle Skateboards and speak about their brand, their graphics, and their vision.

Heitor Da Silva – Welcome To Parade


Parade World welcome their very first rider and it’s a powerful one!