Miles Silvas

Primitive Skate | DEFINE.


Huge video offerings from Primitive Skateboards with this new full length 'Define'.

ENCORE: Behind the Missions Episode 6. Encore ‘Unmastered’


40 minutes of Encore behind the scenes from the Primitive Skateboards camp. Is this the encore to encore?

ENCORE: Behind the Missions Episode 5. Four Month Deadline


Productive is an understatement when it comes to Miles Silvas or Primitive.

PRIMITIVE SKATEBOARDS ‘ENCORE’: Behind the Missions Episode 1 & 2


2 instalments of the behind the scenes from Primitive's full length 'Encore'.

Primitive – ENCORE (Full Length)


Primitive's brand new full length video is online now. Watch ‘ENCORE’ featuring Tiago Lemos, Paul Rodriguez, Charlie Munro, Miles Silvas, JB Gillet, Bastien Salabanzi, Spencer Hamilton and more!

Miles Silvas – Welcome to Primitive


Primitive adds yet another solid member to their potent team.