Hayley Wilson

“Glitter” By Jarryd Rees


Jarryd Reese has released this belter of an edit "Glitter' featuring the likes of Jenna Cutting, Hayley Wilson, Vanessa Miles and more having it in Melbourne!

Nike SB | Wair Max Melbourne


Geoff Campbell has rounded up swoosh affiliated Melbourne heads to put the new Wair max through the motions.

Nike SB – React Leo


Geoff Campbell has released a load of swoosh affiliated Ozzies testing out Leo Bakers new signature model.

Nike SB | Gassed Up


A superb new video by Nike SB featuring Nicole Hause, Hayley Wilson, Arin Lester, Sarah Meurle, Chloe Covell, Victoria Ruesga, and more.

Thunder Trucks: Pleather Jacket


Down under ripping for the purveyors of fine metal and turning accuracy.

Nike SB Australia | Welcome to Melbourne


Ben Lawrie hosts Nike SB Australia heads in his hometown of Melbourne.  

Nike SB – Hopefuls and Nopefuls


New clips from the swooshdem. Oh and there's Grant Taylor footage by the way.