Harry Townend

The Clonenbourg Wars – NSD x Noise Annoys Weekender


The nostalgic sounds of the Ski Sunday theme tune mingle with the excited shouts of spectators, floating into the deep blue Yorkshire skies like the harbinger of some arcane rite as the longest powerslide contest sees the initiated wilfully sacrifice urethane to the sun god.

Wernsforth by Will Smith


Will Smith releases a new edit at Leeds' Horsforth skatepark and the Wernside DIY.

Drafts: Vol. 1 by Hilda Quick


‘Drafts: Vol. 1’ is the first in a series of short videos by Hilda Quick, made as she learns to film.

Harry Townend – Pétanque


Young fella Harry Townend’s part has been uploaded from Joe Allen’s northern full length video ‘Pétanque’.

Dogsforth by Chris Pope


New one from Chris Pope documenting shreddery and shenanigans at the new Horsforth Park in Leeds.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ by Chris Pope (Full Video)


It's finally here after many years of filming Chris Pope has decided to upload his full length independent video ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Watch it in full here!