Stingwater – SELF PAID


Come Groe with Stingwater in this new eleven point five minute banger. “It was called Tony Hawk 2. You can like do all kinds of tricks.”

Featuring Johnathan Perez, Carlos Mendoza, Elias Freeman, Tyler Golden, Kevin Timmons, Pat Hoblin, Matthew Martin, Mason Coletti, Chris Athans, Alexis Lacroix, Jason Byoun, Ezra Masters, John Quezada, Trent Elkins, Rod Sarellano, Bradley Culebro, Connor Kammerer & Daniel Kim.

Filmed by: by Dan Groe

Additional Filming by: Omar Messiah, Tyler Bamdas, Tanner Rowe, Nate Hanson, Ryan Miller & Charles Giroux

Edited by: Daniel Kim & Nate Hanson

Animation by: Steven Hall