Still by Chase Walker


Bit of Montreal, bit of New Jersey, bit of New York, bit of SF and a fuck load of rad all feature in this banging new piece from Chase Walker.

Featuring Alan Bell, Zak Anders, Trung Ngyuen, Nico Marti, Kyler Garrison, Jake Lemonds, Rowan Liebrum, Max Garson, Will Garson, Erik Fishy, Cooper Qua, Ben Havran, Seth Valestrand, Nurse, Nolan Mottle, Taylor Jacko, Jace Maupin, Isaac White, Jesse Newman, Kalman Ochletree, Tyler Vrckovnik, Jordan Shikle, Morgan Calcote & Eddie Siegfried alongside an eclectic soundtrack.

‘Fuck that glove, it’s your hand, it ain’t you life.”

Filmed + Edited by Chase Walker