Steve Hockett – Hammer Spaces Exhibition Focus


Steve Hockett came through with a top class exhibition, the launch went down last Friday and it will be on display for another week or so. Magic Rock Brewing kindly supported the event. Make sure you get down to Village Books to check it out and bag yourself a banging publication at the same time. Steve talks more about his exhibition with us below.

Photography: Reece Leung

What is the exhibition about?

It’s about the ‘hammer space’ which is a hidden dimension in cartoons that characters can pull stuff from, that’s often weapons, like hammers, anvils or TNT but it could be anything. There are some concepts in quantum physics, about how the universe operates on very small levels, that are analogous to this idea. So there’s stuff coming into and out of existence all the time in this thing called ‘quantum foam’. So the show is really about equating these two things.

Tell us about the venue for the show?

Village Books is the best spot, Joe (Torr) always stocked my work and I had one of my first shows there years ago before they moved. They have a really creepy basement which I climbed into to spray paint something for the show. It’s probably haunted.

How long is it on display for?

It’s up till the 4th or the 5th…I think haha.

Do you have any future projects after this?

This is part of an ongoing series of work that I’ll keep going with, but other than making and showing more, I also edit and publish a zine about cycling called ‘The Coefficient of Drag’. We’re working on Issue 3 now, plus I have a design practice which keeps me busy too.

How can people get hold of your work and publications?

The publication and the work is only available from Village Books while the show is on, but after that I’ll have stuff up for sale on my tictail site HERE.