sml. Wheels – The 40’s


SML Wheels coming in hot with the concepts! Check their latest edit (with slideshow courtesy of Seu Trinh below that) to promote their 40mm wheels, yeah 40!?

Going back the 90’s Austyn Gillette, Danny Garcia, Josh Pall, Sammy Montano, and Justin Drysen take it to a spot you might have seen before.

Filmed and edited by Colin Kennedy

Austyn -No Comply
Sammy with an eye forstyle
Justin - Fakie Front Crooks
Sammy Back Tail
Danny - Crail Slide
Josh - Wallie One Foot
Josh Pall
Fistful o' Wheels
Justin - Nose Grind Reeves
Justin Front Blunt
Danny Backside Flip
Austin presenting
Sammy Front Blunt
Austyn - Noseslide Transfer
Sammy - Noseslide Transfer
No exaggerating their size needed