– Rose Cottage –


In Myles’ words:

A Barnsley skateboard video filmed over the summer of 2022 (with the occasional throwback clip) inspired by friendship, grief, and closure.

Featuring Markos Katsi, Eddie Miller, Alex Bird, Scott Parkin, Eamon Croghan, Jack Hackleton, Zak Wright, Myles Rushforth, Red Hargreaves, Chandler Cawthorne ‘ Chaz’ Cole, Jamie Cooke, Freya Brooks, Niall Corker, Ethan Kenchington, Luke Thompson, Noah Birtle, Olly Roberts, Izaak Perks, Alex Winstanley, James Tudor.

(The name Rose Cottage comes from the code term meaning ‘mortuary’ which is used amongst hospitals to make the word sound less macabre when referring to it, hospitals will occasionally even go to the lengths of dressing their mortuaries up as cottages to make them look less sombre. As the video is heavily influenced by grief and closure the name Rose Cottage seemed to make sense, I personally like the idea of sugar coating something terrible and inevitable but still acknowledging it for what it is.)

Filmed + Edited by Myles Rushforth