R.I.P. Dave Abair


We are devastated to find out the passing of absolute legend Dave Abair. Dave was always one of our favourites at the mag, not only did he work hard and produce countless amounts of incredible video parts, but his skating was so authentic that it blows every fad out the water and will maintain authenticity forever.

Immediately after Dave released his “This One’s For You” part we were in dicsussion about another part with an interview, and despite the incredible offering he’d literally just released, he couldn’t have been keener. This in itself is something we draw inspiration from frequently and will continue to do so.

Our thoughts are with the abundance of loved ones and friends of Dave, and the fact that despite never meeting him, we are so deeply hurt means that we’re sure many others who didn’t have the pleasure of his physical company will definitely be feeling the same.

Listen to some of Dave’s amazing stories here then watch some of his parts below and go and get a shred in for Dave. So much love for David Joseph Abair. We hope you’re kicking it with Sean Stem right now mate.