Polar Skate Co. – ‘We blew it at some point’


Polar Skate Co. coming through with that oh so sweet goodness once again. Check the latest full length shredfest below for some instantaneous hype, no emotion spared!

Ripping courtesy of Nick Boserio, Emile Laurent, David Stenström, Oskar Rozenberg, Aaron Herrington, Andrew Wilson, Shin Sanbongi, Hjalte Halberg, Paul Grund, Roman Gonzalez and Dane Brady (plus a bit of Alv).

Filming by Tor Ström, Ben Chadourne, Waylon Bone, Johnny Wilson, Pontus Alv and Dane Brady.

Motion Graphics by Fabian Fuchs.

Composed by Pontus Alv.

Polarv Skate Co. – ‘We blew it at some point’

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