Nora Vasconcellos + adidas Skateboarding Reveal Debut Unisex Collection


The amazing Nora Vasconcellos reveal the first unisex apparel and footwear collection by adidas Skateboarding. The six-piece capsule is a reflection of Nora Vasconcellos’ fluid personal style and her love of skateboarding. Check the imagery below and some words by Nora herself:

“The beauty is that [skateboarding] is accessible to anyone, if they are willing to try it,” Nora reveals when explaining why she chose to co-design a unisex collection. “ I love designing boards and graphics, but this is the pinnacle of what I’ve designed product-wise. It is  a universal collection breaking the barrier of saying ‘this is for a man’ or ‘this is for a woman.’ I can see guys I skate with like Diego Najera and Miles Silvas going for the darker palette and someone like DeAndre Thebpanya going for some of the other colors – it all compliments each other.”

Nora Vasconcellos – adidas Skateboarding