Nike SB | Skate Like a Girl | Transenders


A great and very necessary insight into the non-binary skate scene from Nike SB and Skate Like A Girl right here. Watch below to follow Alexa Berriochoa’s journey as trans skater and the blossoming of such a beautiful scene.

Featuring Alexa Berriochoa (she/her), Alyssa Johnson (they/them), Osha Brown-Bear (they/he), Lou Williams (they/he), Mia Fae (she/her), McKenna Mortensen (they/she), Gabe Paulk (they/them), Kim Woozy (she/her), Kristin Ebeling (she/her), Kwame Salmi-Adubofour (he/him), Finn Bradberry (they/them), Ash Freeman (she/her), Daisy Torres (she/they), Xander Schulte (they/them), Pearl Lam (she/her), Gina Lee (she/her), Deej Redoble (she/they), Anneka Sulzbach (she/her) & Jess Berg.

Directed by Diane Russo Cheng (she/her)

Director of Photography Madeline Kate Kann (she/her)

Editor: Sophia Lou (she/her)