Michael Cuntberger


Belter edit from Joscha Aicher & Maxi Schaible featuring an all star cast! Watch below to get that hype you will be far from disappointed!

Featuring Martino Cattaneo Axel Cruysberghs Joscha Aicher Louisa Menke Notis Agelis Giletto Joseph Biais Gelek Gonzalez Baute (Dani Martinez) Marcos Gomez Daniel Ledermann Flo Marfaing Roberto Aleman Pol Amado Powell Alexey Krasniy Lex Vander-Doesbag Doobie and Maxi Schaible. Shout out Munich’s Soo Hot Right Now for lending the boys the camera.

Filmed by Joscha Aicher & Maxi Schaible

Edited by Joscha Aicher

Sketches by Giletto