Magic Mix v.3 by Louis Deschamps


Louis Deschamps always delivers visual goodness with hilarity on the side in his videos. This won’t disappoint if you like a chuckle while watching a skate video. Featuring too many heros. See the likes of Issue 4’s featured cover artist Alexis Jamet (when he’a not too busy turning down graphic design jobs) and Vague contributing lensman Clément Harpillard as well as Vague faves Hugo Maillard, Armand Vaucher, Daniel Pannemann, Axel Thomas, Calum Buchanan, Clément Paistel, David Eya, Cyrill Renault, Place’s Roland, David Riollier, Maximin Leclerc, Nico Mogo and Quentin Alves. Filmed and edited by Louis Deschamps.

Filmed + Edited by: Louis Deschamps