‘LOUPE’, a banging new 9 minute video by¬†Jack Brooks, Morph and Tracey Gorman featuring some very dope skateboarding in London and Philladelphia. Featuring a whole host a legends such as Charlie Munro, Jak Pietryga, Harry Lintell, Chewy Cannon, Rory Milanes, Charlie Birch, Zach Delarue, Adam Delarue, Darius Trabalza, Calvin Ligono, Heitor Da Silva, Kyle Wilson, Davide Holznecht, Jahmir Brown, Ashura Parchment, Lucien Clarke, Josh Kalis, Tyler Dietterich, Kevin Liedtke, Jamal Smith, Ryan Chaney and many, many more heads! If you want something to hype you up then look no further and get watching below!