Sensual cooking with an aftermath and a huge range of absolutely delightful skateboarding to boot. Get watching this absolute beast out of France below then hit some marble with a smile.

Featuring Martin Bastide, Paul Crosia, Samy Boutarraha, Paul Bena, Anthony Mardelle, Yoan Taillandier, Hippolyte Murcia, Bruno Laheurte, Paul Palx, Thomas Bacceli, Edouard Aiello, Clément Harpillard, Stéphane Feugas, Kenny Adoua, Vivien Feil, Sergio Cadaré, Andréa Dupré, Gaëtan Savignol, Antoine Roussel, Pierre Patissou, Fred Ploque-Santos, Léo Valls, Julien Januszkiewicz, Lionel Cabos, Randy Nakicen, Yums, Alexis Hequet, Léo Potier, Rémy Chamouleau, Pierrick Pêtre, Eole Vidale Chapelle, Alex Bregeon Jérôme Romain, Arnaud Henriot, William Marchandin, Alexis Greusard, Gauthier Rouger & Vincent Dallemagne.

Filmed, Edited + Illustrated by Stéphane Feugas