Kenobeds (Full Length)


Huge bit of Liverpudlian skate history right here, very kindly uploaded by Mersey Grit Skateboards. Watch all manner of rawness below and check how dope the old Pierhead looked!

Featuring Kingy, Joel O’Connor, Dan Crilly, Fred Bezombes Mix Section that included Pete Mush, Hoppy, Adam Cooke, Pete cooper, Ade, Danny, Lodd, Chief, Coops, Holmesy, Kev Blockhead,  Russ Weasel, Tanzi, Bazza Wong, Shaun Witherup Jonty, ‘Metal’ Mike Kelly, Ash Wilson, Craig’ Spoons’ Williams, John Winter, John Dalton, Howard Cooke & Dave Mackey.

Filmed + Edited by Fred Bezombes