Joe Allen – Pétanque


Joe Allen’s part from his full length video ‘Pétanque’ has been uploaded to accompany his “Mates on the Big Screen” interview by Farran Golding where he talks about the making of this northern scene video. Enjoy Joe’s section below featuring cameos of Farran Golding, Joe Maskill, Jacob Sarkar and Minnie Mearns. Once you’ve done this go support and buy ‘Pétanque’ on DVD via the skater owned stores below!


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Pétanque – Filmed + Edited by: Joe Allen

Joe’s section filmed by: Farran Golding, Harry Meadley, Jay Bex, Will Smith, George Worthington, Luke Humphreys, James Kelly, Alfie Warin, Albie Edmonds, Rhamsi Alkadi, Joe Winters, Alex Petz and Joe Maskill

Featuring Cameos of: Farran Golding, Joe Maskill + Jacob Sarkar, Minnie Mearns.