Part Timers – a new project from James Collins


After organising a trip which saw a solid chunk of transition skaters from across the UK descend on the crustiest spots Sussex had to offer, James Collins decided to resurrect the spirit of his short-lived Gallery Magazine in the form of Part Timers; a collaborative project involving a series of skate camping happenings slotted in between the working lives of its inhabitants. Like the Merry Pranksters or the Rolling Thunder Revue, but with more slash grinds and day jobs, the group has been travelling around the UK in search of pool coping, wild camping and an escape from the relentless drudgery of gainful employment. The first video documenting these four wheeled meanderings will take place tomorrow (16/12/23) at our Issue 36 launch at Project House, which kicks off from 6pm.

In James’ own words:

“I started Gallery Magazine a few years ago to showcase my mates and have a home for all the transition photos I had on the hard drive. After a couple of issues I realised how hard it was to try and run a magazine and left it to one side, hoping to return to it in the future. Earlier this year we made the mission to Brighton with a huge crew to hit some classic southern transition and I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great to bring Gallery back but in a more sustainable way? To get some of my friends involved to write and film, do less on my own and have more fun whilst doing it.

Welcome to Part Timers. A part time project from a bunch of part time skateboarders, photographers and videographers. This isn’t a brand, nor a team, it’s just a group of friends travelling around the UK in search of pool coping, wild camping and getting away from the 9 to 5. Our first video will premiere in Leeds this weekend along with an article in the new Vague Mag.

Endless gratitude to Reece, Guy and Jono for hosting us, to Pedro for filming with a little help from Tidy Mike and Pat for being the glue that holds this whole idea together.”