geek//blueberries by Shari White


Shari White has released this eleven and a half minute banger of an edit with healthy levels of diversity to boot. Check the line up below, this audio visual treat certainly doesn’t disappoint!

Featuring Kevin Shealy, Dustin Henry, Breana Geering, Nelly Morville, Jackie Michel, Stafhon Boca, Una Farrar, Diego Todd, Gabe Thompson, Hugo Boserup, Kris Burkhardt, David Stenström, Yom Tong, Amadou Diallo, Landon Avramovic, Jacob Lavelle, Adelaide Norris, Leon Chapdelaine, Alexandre Poulin, Kristin Ebeling, Rick Mccrank, Dylan Fulford, Sarah Muerle, Chandler Burton, Ryan Bjorgan, Bob Lasalle, Tuoyo Oroye, Ewing Ayala, Noah Mahieu, Nick Michel, Dylan Mills & Evan Wasser.

Filmed + Edited by: Shari White

Additional Filming by: Jake Kuzyk & Dustin Henry