Flinch by Andrew Meyer


A multitude of heavy hitters and heavy hitting moments in this new 14 minute offering by Andrew Meyer, showcasing so much of Philadelphia’s overflowing talent. Mandatory viewing may well be an understatement.

Featuring Tyler Dietterich, Kevin Liedtke, Mont, Francisco Rios ,Joey Marrone, Jace Detomasso, Justin Adeniran, Kevin Bilyeu, Joey O’Brien, Ben Pfaeffle, Tyler Nelson, Kiernan Mcginnis, Brian Panebianco, Brian O’dwyer, Chris Falo, Andrea Bethke, Mark Jackson, Bryan Leddy, Tommy, Kyle Mccrossan, Mattress, Graeme Turner, Carson Reuther, Ryan Chaney, Kris Brown, Patrice Southerland, Landon Swan, Jahmir Brown & Summer Parisville.

DVD’s available here.

Filmed + Edited by Andrew Meyer

Additional Filming by Tracy G & Brian Panebianco