Fissure Time (Full Length)


Fissure Time by Frank O’ Donnell showcases a large chunk of the younger Sheffield scene alongside some well known heads, all documented nicely on a VX.

Filmed between late 2016 – early 2018 featuring the likes of Shaun Currie, Joe Paget, Alexis Jamet, Rasheed Osman, Tom O’ Driscoll,¬†Mark Pritchard, John Onyehara (The 30 Stax represent!), Dead Dave, Jay Bex,¬†Evan Majumder-Swift, Will Beaumont, Jashan Walton, Dougal Shakespeare, Ben Lilley, Ted Mitchell, Harry Shaw, Liad Pitcho, Gerry Duxbury-Varas, Frank O’Donnell, Harry McCormick, Luke Pont, Ash Humphrey, Danny Abel, Alex Malcolm, Ben Woodhouse, Ed Harris, Harry Gerrard, Cass Doig. Basically most of Sheffield! Get watching below for this full lengther!

Filmed and Edited by: Frank O’ Donnell

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