Filip Dziewięcki – IF YOU DON’T SKATE, DON’T START


Filip Dziewięcki’s part from the Polish full length video: IF YOU DON’T SKATE, DON’T START. This young fella ain’t scared of the intense security and civilians who occupy Polish spots. Video uploaded by our pals at Place. See his tekkers below from the last part of this Polish skate video produced by: Krzysiek Godek of @repeatskt.

Filip is a 20-year-old boy from Kielce. Last year he moved to Warsaw to attend American studies. He is a good kid to hang out with – he doesn’t talk too much bullshit, he is open for any kind of missions. It’s funny when he is in his “bad boy” mode – he spits on something, kicks some thrash can on his way, draws something on a bus seat, etc. It’s typical “off the chain” youth puberty behaviour but in a very charming way.

His skateboarding also became off the chain when he turned 18 and became an “adult”. Much more confident stoked to be on every skate trip – finally he could do whatever the fuck he wants to – and that’s exactly what he is doing. He has very good inspirations, taste in skating, art, and music – which shows in his skateboarding. Last year he won the Polish SOTY award issued by the Skate Culture Foundation. Some are afraid it’s too early for him – but he deserved it. This part is proof of his intense work ethic in 2019.”

Filmed and Edited by: Krzysiek Godek