Firstly, what a collaboration! Secondly… What a collaboration! Check Evisen and Pass~Port Skateboards combine forces to bring you this spectacular edit. What’s that you say? You want to see images of this special number in printed form? Simply grab yourself a copy of Issue 35 and you’ll have just that!

For moving image, simply click below and enjoy the movements of Callum Paul, Kento Yoshioka, Adelaide Norris, Matthieu Lucas-D’Souza, Kotora Mitani, Alex ”Tenny” Tennison, Seimi Miyahara , Jack O’Grady, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Sam Sutton, Laurence Keefe, Yuma Takei, Shor West, Mikey Mierzynski, Maru, Bernie Foo, Trent Evans, Katsumi Minami alongside Special Guests: Anthony Mapstone & Dante Narita-Johnson

Thumbnail Image by: Changsu

Filmed by: Geoff Campbell, Naoya Morohashi & George Kousoulis

Additional Filming by: Takuya Izumi, Katsumi Minami, Cameron Frazer, Jack Diaz & Tim Cobden

Photography by: Samuel Coady & Changsu

Produced & Edited by: Pass~Port & Evisen

16MM Filming by: Trent Evans, Cameron Sparkes & Geoff Campbell

Handycam Filming by: Trent Evans

Animations & Titles by: Samuel Thornton, Harry Green, John Green, Trent Evans, Tomoyuki Kujirai, Kei Tanaka, Toshikazu Nozaka & Foodeater 

Music by Severed Heads ““Skippy Roo Kangaroo” and “Twister”

Document Swell “Rainforestation” written by Simon Cotter

CHURASHIMA NAVIGATOR – “HANAUMI (YO.AN Remix)” https://churashimanavigator.bandcamp…. ifax! – “Bolibian Bass Delight” – courtesy of HOLE AND HOLLAND

Ohme & Mamazu – “Kella” – courtesy of SABI