Doyenne x Everyone ‘A self Isolating Project’


New dope project from the dons at Doyenne, check it below from the leji themselves.

“doyenneskateboards? We have kept it quiet to surprise you, but we have been working with local artist @bpcrawshaw and we are bringing to you ✨our first Doyenne decks series with the new collection ✨ Local and Handprinted. A lot of people are self isolating and it’s difficult to be motivated and creative with everything that is going on. Everything has been postponed so we have more time to see what we can do with this project. We have been inspired by the beautiful connection and collaboration this awful situation has created, so we want to collaborate with you. We want your design to be one of the designs coming out with our new collection, and being sold all over the world. To participate, send us your design to channeling the themes of Unity and Diversity. The design needs to be one colour (any colour) to be screenprinted on the board. We are going to pick the one that resembles our brand, values and themes best but we are going to exhibit all the works at the launch event for this. If you get picked you’re going to have one of the boards (of course) and we’ll (money) thank you for your work. Get safe and get creative ?? all the love, Doyenne ?? tag you arty friends”