Distant Socialising – Same Old


Words by Bobby Puleo:

“In 1986 Derry Thompson was traveling around the English and Welsh countryside documenting the English Skateboard Associations various contests, get togethers and jams. Derry was in full swing as the ESA’s sole administrator, documentarian, judge, jury and custodian. Derry’s hands were full as he acted as a virtual Frank Hawk, Stacy Peralta, and Tony Roberts all in one. Some of The English Skateboard Associations rising stars were on the brink of full blown “global” “stardom” as their infiltration into the ranks of American pro-dom was imminent.

Sean Goff was already riding for Vision, teammates with the likes of Gonz, Lee Ralph and Joe Johnson, and was about to depart for pro status on Brand X. Barry Abrook, and brother Mark, were already riding for Zorlac and a year away from turning pro. Hugh “Bod” Boyle was riding for G&S at the time and was moments away from switching over to Santa Cruz where he too would achieve pro status and title as the World Champion.

Fellow Euro Nicky Guerrero, hailing from Denmark was Bod’s teammate at the time and was also about to turn pro for G&S, joining an impressive roster of American Pro’s. Watch as unruly English crowds unleash havoc at the sight and sound of their native sons (and Nicky) murdering the English and Welsh vert ramps in scenarios that just can’t and won’t happen today.”

All original footage filmed by Dan Boyle.

Competitions run by Derry Thompson

Edited & Produced by same old 2020