Daido x Qucon


A visual treat and a half for you right here which Evisen’s Shinpei Ueno directed. Qucon collaborate with Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama who plays with the idea of duplication to bring you this mindmelting video. Check the Evisen x Daido Moriyama collaboration series HERE too! Featuring Shor West, Laurence Keefe, Shinpei Ueno, Kento Yoshioka, Shintaro Maruyama, Koichiro Uehara and Katsumi Minami. Get your watch on below, you won’t be disappointed.

Words by Evisen’s Laurence Keefe:

“I’m pleased to present you with the release of the latest film coming out of Qucon, a new skateboard facility/retail space in Toranomon, Tokyo.

Qucon X Daido celebrates the collaboration between Evisen Skateboards, Qucon, and world renowned Japanese street photographer Moriyama Daido.

Presented as a Shinpei Ueno film, the work was directed by Qucon and Tightbooth Production’s lead man himself.

The motif of the collaboration is Daido’s iconic lips photo, which became the focal image of the clothing collection, the board series, and also the interior of the Qucon store. Several Evisen riders were invited to skate the branded skate-able section inside the store, and also the outside skate park, with projection mapped animations of Daido’s photos projected from the 5th floor above the park.

The video of the skating is complimented with an interview of Daido by Shinpei, on the definition of his own photography, his thoughts on the city he has been shooting for years, and on skateboarding, giving the video an interest to an audience beyond skateboarders.”

Filmed by: Shinpei Ueno, Kyota Kamei, Tomoyuki Kujirai, TK Highsox + Masanao Takeuchi