Converse CONS – “Time Web”


Converse CONS bringing the aesthetically pleasing edits right here! A definite quality over quantity in this experimental shoot shot in total darkness with pinhole cameras.

In regards to the set up, this was shot using104 pinhole cameras built along a 21-foot long loop. Loaded in a lightproof, pitch black studio, using a single strip of 35mm film, and exposing all the frames along that strip at the same moment with powerful strobes. Additionally shot with Super 16mm, hand-cranked 35mm, and a lenticular 35mm camera

Directed by : Colin Read

Produced by : Sea Cow & Pulse Films

Producer : Leon Derriey

Score : Sam Perkin

DP : Eric Schleicher

Camera Technician : Nicolas De Miranda

1st AC : Dylan Gaffney

Photographer : Cole Giordano

Production Designer : Charlie Turner

Associate Producer : Asher Shay-Nemirow

Associate Producer : Nicola Macchitella

Skaters : Leo Gutman & Camden Green

On-Site Film Developing : Bushwick Community Darkroom

Film Scanner / Developer : Lucia Rollows

Film Scanning : Cooper Winterson

Post Facility : Electric Theatre Collective

Color producer : Oscar Wendt

Colorist : Connor Coolbear

Shot on Kodak Double X & Orwo N74

Shot at 110 Studios