Broke Lads – Mañana


The Broke Lads are back. This time they’re all in Spain getting their shred on in the streets of Malaga. This time featuring: Saimon Oliveira, Froby, Cameron Allen Snow, Filip Wojnowski, Pavel Berezuk, Loic Martinez, Vicky and Javi. See the photo gallery below by Rafski then watch the edit put together by: Klavs Laivenieks!

Photography by: Rafski

Videography: Klavs Laivenieks

Froby – ollie. ~ Photo: Rafski

Filip Wojnowski – hippy jump, wallride nollie. ~ Photo: Rafski

Saimon Oliveira – 50-50 round the curve . ~ Photo: Rafski

Cameron Allen Snow – backside noseslide. ~ Photo: Rafski

Filip Wojnowski – crook dink. ~ Photo: Rafski

Saimon Oliverira – backside noseslide. ~ Photo: Rafski

Broke Lads – Mañana by Klavs Laivenieks

Filmed and Edited by: Klavs Laivenieks