Blackpool Roll – Episode 1 – 90’s


Blackpool Roll is a series of short edits showcasing Nige Cowell’s footage which he documented over the last 20 years in Blackpool. Featuring a young Danny Brady and many more Blackpool locals.

Nige Cowell: “I have collected from skateboarding and filming in and around Blackpool over the last 20 years. This footage has been restored from old 8mm tapes used to shoot Blackpool skate videos from around 1996 – 1998 and features clips that appeared in videos such as “Small World” and “Northern Lights”. There are a few extra bits in there I found when going through the tapes including Tom Penny at Radlands in 1996 and a few clips from a trip we made to Wakefield skatepark. With the release of the movie “Mid 90s” and the 20 year anniversary of some of this early footage, I felt it was a good time to give people a snapshot of a time we enjoyed before the advent of mobile phones and social media. This was a special time in our lives and I hope it gives you an idea of what a weird and wonderful place Blackpool can be. Huge thanks to Mr Scruff and Ninja Tune for the music and backing.”

Courtesy of: Nige Cowell