ATB the best reason everrr


Very much enjoyed this new ‘At the Bottom’ edit featuring a medley of Rose Street Skate Shop affiliates making the most of their sun drenched area. Style, creativity and lots of other points of enjoyment feature heavily so we urge you to click play below.

Featuring Lucas Cannizarro, Judah Katz, Monny Morgan, Jake Cortez, Parker Wyse, Wyatt Feeley, Tanner Burzinski, Nic Depies, Max Fisher, Griffin Clingman, Noah Lora, Jake Hill, Frankie, Chinto Alvarez, Bobby Long, David Rosales, Stoogs, Brooks Bushman &  Krab

Filmed + Edited by: Brandon

Additional Filming by: Bob, Dave, Chinto, Skippy & Lucas

Words Written by: David Rosales