Liisa Chisholm – PLAY Exhibition Focus


Photography: Reece Leung


Mach 10 Stockwell shredder Liisa Chisholm recently hosted an exhibition at the Hoxton Cabin in London. She told us all about it, heres what she had to say:

Ben Raemers + Rauiri Jones

PLAY first went up in Tokyo a few months back when I was in Japan for a few weeks of exploring, skating and eating. Its a collection of large scale crayon and acrylic paint drawings that I’ve done over the past few months.

Kyron Davis + Matt Broadley

The show is a mash up of personal work that I’ve completed in my spare time around commercial jobs – my space to play, to make works that feel natural to me, and to choose the colours I love. 

In my ‘day job’ doing textile print design, I’ve spent a fair chunk of the year working with under scale pieces with some colour constraints.  This work is fully self indulgent, recording the lines my head and hands want to do rather than worrying about responding to a client’s needs.

Its me putting colour down because I love doing it and its been a super good experience to share it both at home and in Japan. I’ve learned a lot from the response in both locations, sharing my own work scares me shitless and its pushed me a lot personally.

The show is currently up at the Hoxton Cabin, a new café / bar space in Shoreditch, 132 Kingsland Road E2 8DP, London. Its a super relaxed space with a ton of windows, good drinks and a cozy little patio out back.

They’ve got the originals for sale at the space and I will be shipping them out when the show comes down on July 6th. Down the line I’d like to release screen prints of a select few but I don’t have any solid plans yet, its all tentative at the moment! 

Liisa Chisholm

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