Glen Fox, Soy Panday + Tavu Exhibition Focus


Friday 3rd November saw three talented skateboarding artists exhibit their work at DC’s Hub in Paris. The powerful trio involved was Glen Fox, Soy Panday + Olivier Tavu. See below for a photo gallery from the night to witness what went down! Then watch some of their banging parts further below!

Photography: David Manaud

Glen, Tavu + Soy. ~ Photo: David Manaud

A good turn out for the boys. ~ Photo: David Manaud

Glen Fox. ~ Photo: David Manaud

Olivier Tavu. ~ Photo: David Manaud

Soy Panday. ~ Photo: David Manaud

Glen Fox for Magenta Skateboards

Soy Panday in Static III

Olivier Tavu – Bud Powell Part

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