Welcome To Parade: Ishod Wair


Parade World welcome yet another powerful addition to the team in Ishod Wair.

Soy Panday – Parade Interview


Parade's Matt Broadley interviews Soy Panday about all the beautiful visuals he produces for Magenta Skateboards.

Jamie Foy – Parade Interview


Jamie Foy chats to Parade's Matt Broadley about what's been going on recently and the secret to front crooks.

Parade – Nancy Interview


Parade World have released a new interview conducted by Casper Brooker who chats to his pal Sam Hughes about new London clothing brand: Nancy.

What’s it like to run a Skateboard Magazine – Parade


Parade interviews Free, Place, Grey, Solo and ourselves with regards to how we run our print ships!

Dan Magee Interview – Parade


Parade’s Neil Chester chats to Magee about his recent video release (alongside Kevin Parrott): Blips - Cover Version and other full length videos.

Parade – Catching Up With Kyron Davis


Parade’s Matt Broadley chats to Kyron about his recent ventures, Nike, Atlantic Drift, Numbers and more. Lovely photos by Joel Peck.

Jacob Ovgren Interview – Parade


Matt Broadley of Parade World interviews well known artist Jacob Ovgren. If you don’t know who he is then you need to give your head a bloody big wobble!

How To Become A Sponsored Skateboarder – Parade


Parade World's Matt Broadley talks to UK TM's Benny Fairfax (Adidas), Mark Baines (NB#) and Josh 'Manhead' Young (Vans) on their job roles and some vital info on how to get sponsored.

Heitor Da Silva – Welcome To Parade


Parade World welcome their very first rider and it’s a powerful one!