NB# NM425 launch – Introducing Patrick Praman


New Balance Numeric have released their new colourways of the NM425 shoe and introduced Patrick Praman to the team!

Tom Knox NB# 440 – Lost Art


Tom Knox, Charlie Birch, Dave Mackey and Andy Davidson take the Tom Knox NB# 440 shoe for a spin at Warringtons Ramp 1.

The 22 by Lost Art – NB#


Lost Art x NB# bring you the #NM22. Get your hands on it here and watch the boss edit to accompany the release.

Flo Mirtain & a certain je ne sais quoi – NB#


A very short but sweet clip by New Balance Numeric of Flo Mirtain in Barcelona up to his usual business in the NM22 shoe.

NB# – Empat Tiga


NB# Asia crushing it in this new edit featuring Sanggoe Tanjung, Jasper Dohrs, Dan Leung and Mak Feliciano with appearances from Jamie Foy and Marquise Henry.

Global Friends | Primitive x New Balance Numeric


Tiago, Munro, Williams, Biagio and Villani for the new Primitive x NB# 212 shoe.

NB# – String Theory


New Balance Numeric finally uploaded the 'String Theory' featuring tremendous trio Jordan Taylor, Davis Torgerson and Tom Karangelov. 

VX4000 RAW – NB#


Raw clips from New Balance Numeric belter of a video ‘VX4000’ from 2015 featuring plenty of your NB# faves.

Tre Williams – NM212 – NB#


Tre Williams smashes it in the #NM212 shoe by New Balance Numeric for this quick clip filmed by Luke Murphy and Jake Leger.

NB# – Calçada


NB# bring you a new one from a recent excursion to Portugal named 'Calçada' which was filmed and edited by big lej Josh Hallett! Featuring Tom Knox, Dave Mackey, Tyler Surrey, Charlie Birch and more!



PROMENADE: a new video by New Balance Numeric for the great guys at A Brief Glance. Enjoy the talents of the Italian New Balance Numeric who skate the South of France and between Menton, Nice and Marseille.

Maxi Schaible – Cover Ground_01


New Balance Numeric have release their first part for the 'Cover Ground' series and first up it's Maxi Schaible hitting up plenty of spots in locations such as Frankfurt, Barcelona and Stuttgart.

NB# – 26.2


Our mates at Grey release a new clip with New Balance Numeric where they documented shredding at spots which were located along the London Marathon route.

NB# – NM379 Australia


NB# hit Australia with a powerful group of top fellas: Flo Mirtain, Tom Karangleov, Marius Syvanen and Jake Hayes get their shred on in the lovely new NM379 colourways.

Brandon Westgate – Bog Town NB# Part


Brandon Westgate’s new ‘Bog Town’ part for NB#.

NB# – Adriatic Axis


Russell Houghten and Jaker Leger bring you a stellar NB# video of the crew killing it out in Croatia.