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Elaine Shallcross aka ShuvitCancer a 68 years young woman who was diagnosed with cancer set out to do a shuvit on a skateboard and she had previously never stood on a skateboard before. She wanted to learn a shuvit before her set deadline of 10th July 2020 but sadly Elaine passed away in June 2020. All of our thoughts are with Elaine’s family during this hard time and we are all truly  heartbroken. During her time spent learning to shuvit she was raising money for cancer research… you can still donate by clicking HERE. To remember Elaine the 10th July will now be official ‘World Shuvit Cancer Day‘. If you hadn’t heard of Elaine you can read her story below:

“I am a wife, a mum, a nana and I have breast cancer. After my diagnosis in 2018 I learned that one in eight women will go on to develop breast cancer in their lifetime, a disease having a huge and devastating impact on the women themselves and their families and friends. 

I have so many questions about my cancer; foremost, what happened to turn healthy cells in my breast to malignant tumours that are life-threatening? After visiting Professor Valerie Speirs and learning about her work in breast cancer research at the University of Aberdeen, I’m excited that one day breast cancer will be a disease that many more will survive. Research into biomarkers will identify women at high risk of developing breast cancer, and the growth of malignant tumours prevented through regular monitoring and early intervention. How exciting is that?   

I receive incredible medical care, including expensive chemotherapy drugs. Now it’s pay back time. I want to raise at least £10,000 for a local breast cancer research charity. The work conducted by Prof Speirs and her team is a perfect way for me to contribute to research that will impact on countless people. 

If you choose to donate online your contribution will go into the University of Aberdeen’s Development Trust Fund, and from there into the Breast Cancer Research Programme.

Thank you for your support.”

Donate HERE or click the Jon Horner illustration of Elaine below!