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Theobalds Cap Co – Hysteresis (Idlings of March)


Theobalds Cap Co drop their latest video showcasing the last few months of London shredding featuring Jeremy Jones, Joel Banner, Jake Bidmead and many more.

Theobalds Cap Co – Normal Service Has Resumed


Theobald Cap Co present a new clip featuring Joel Banner after they relaunch.

Theobalds Cap Co. – Athletics


Theobalds Cap Co. present 'Athletics' - Chopped and screwed by Hold Tight Henry.

Faultless – Theobalds


An iPhone retrospective edit filmed at Southbank between 2011 - 2015.

Dendritic Flux – HTL x Theobalds


Hold Tight London and Theobalds Cap co have collaborated to bring you 'Dendridic Flux'. Featuring Ashura Parchment, Josh Arnott, Cambarr, Jeremy Jones, Joel Banner and more.