And Then There Was Through The Over Exposed Mind Of Ruby

23/02/2018 - 24/03/2018

‘Through The Eyes Of Ruby’ a photographic duo in Owen Godbert and Set Fletcher present a an exhibition at the SLOE Gallery in Manchester in collaboration with indie zine ‘Then There Was Us’. They will present a series of photographs they’ve documented whilst at underground gigs throughout the UK.

Exhibition info:

‘And Then There Was’ is part of an exciting new collaboration between SLOE Gallery and ‘Then There Was Us’, a Manchester based independent zine focusing on visual culture through the mediums of photography, graphic design and illustration. ‘Then There Was Us’ curate their second exhibition with ‘Through The Eyes OF Ruby’. ‘Through The Eyes Of Ruby’ is a photographic journal by Owen Godbert & Ste Fletcher, documenting the current underground music scene in Britain. The images on display here were taken throughout 2017-18 & have been printed by Owen and Ste in the darkroom at Stills Gallery, Edinburgh. The project summed up so far – DIY, long trips on the Megabus, film processing in the kitchen, sneaking in gigs for free, evacuating venues, being thrown out of festivals, not having a clue what’s going on, pints of wine, The Kinks, avoiding security, beer soaked rolls of film, broken cameras and very hungover dark room days.

Located @ Sloe Gallery, Mirabel Studios, 14/20 Miracle Street, Manchester, M3 1PJ.

Preview Viewing: 23rd Feb 6pm – 9pm

Exhibition open to public 24th Feb – 24th Mar 2018. Open every Saturday 11am – 5pm.